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Journal/Our Commitment

Whether it's a silk cami or a dress, these delicate pieces require special care. Discover how to maintain your beautiful silk pieces so you can wear them season after season.

21 May 2024 | 

While cashmere is undeniably luxurious, it requires gentle care to maintain its integrity. We’ve arranged a short guide to keep your SABA cashmere looking vibrant, and pristine.

Discover the features and benefits of wool, and how to best care for your SABA wool pieces to keep lasting season-to-season.

12 Apr 2024 | 

Mohair, known for its luxurious texture and warmth, has been a staple in fashion for centuries. But caring for this premium fabric requires a delicate touch.

12 Apr 2024 | 

Wool coats should be a staple in every winter wardrobe. Here are our tips on how to care for yours.

22 Jun 2023 | 

Like all things in life that are delicate, a little bit of care and attention will keep your knitwear looking fresh and ensure its longevity.

22 Jun 2023 | 

SABA is a thought-provoking take on classic Australian workwear, defined by superior tailoring and modern simplicity. SABA’s effortless and considered design signature grew from founder Joe Saba’s focus on improvement and innovation. Half a century on, that philosophy is upheld in the beautiful lines and confident cuts of SABA’s contemporary edits. The signature suiting range, including the crease-resistant Dharma, has become a central component of work and travel wardrobes around the country.

22 Mar 2024 | 

This year SABA spoke to some of our staff about empowerment, supporting other women and overcoming barriers.