SABASounds Nicole Millar Singer Songwrite

For Spring, we are very excited to announce our SABASounds artist, Nicole Millar. Having launched her new EP "Are You Kidding?" Canadian-Australian electronic indie pop singer-songwriter, Nicole Millar is an unstoppable force.

"I'm so excited to have partnered with SABA on this campaign, my music is evolving and my fans are maturing alongside me so when the opportunity came up it made perfect sense. SABA is elegant but chic and I feel the music I'm creating now is going to be just that."

"When creating my SABASounds playlist I wanted to let you guys into songs that inspire my music and make me confident.

One of my biggest inspirations when creating is, fashion, it can separate my artistry to my every day. An outfit can spark song ideas, give me confidence in the studio and empower me when I'm on stage. When shooting this campaign with SABA I felt confident, and I felt strong - an outfit can say so much."

Listen to SABASounds on Spotify now - and be sure to like and follow to keep updated on new playlist releases.