The working world looks different, and our wardrobes have evolved to align with the home and office. Built on classic silhouettes and relaxed suiting, our new season collection lays the foundations for an everyday uniform that will carry you from the desk to dinner.

In search of inspiration on how to style the edit, we sat down with four leading creatives to discover how their approach to workwear has changed.

Photography by Claudia Smith & Produced by Emma Gott Creative​



How has working in the film and television industry inspired the way you dress for work?

Being fashionable and practical for work can definitely feel like a bit of a tug-of-war but it’s not as glamorous as people imagine. It’s really hands on hard work. Very go go go. We work 10 and a half hour days minimum so you have to be comfy. I don’t think working in film has changed how I dress for work but it has definitely opened my eyes to new brands and introduced me to patterns and colours I might not pick for myself at first glance.

What does your personal style say about you?

My personal style is feminine, 90’s chic and fun. When I’m going out to dinner or a party, that's when I can express who I am through my clothing the most.. I’m definitely not afraid to sparkle. I’m a pretty bubbly person, I’ve been called that since I was a little kid. When I’m out I like the way I dress to remain effervescent too.

What’s important to you when adding a new piece to your wardrobe?

Versatility is the first thing I think of along with how much wear I’ll actually get out of it. I never buy anything with the intent of wearing it one time only, I don’t want to be careless- or wasteful of my wardrobe real estate.



How does working in fashion influence the way you dress for work?

I have always had a strong sense of what I feel comfortable in, but I think that working in fashion has made me more aware of craft and quality in a way that I perhaps wouldn’t have as much appreciation for if I hadn’t been in design rooms with teams, or had the privilege of interviewing designers on their process. There are a lot of people in my industry who deserve to be paid fairly and equitably, and I always think of that when making larger purchases. It’s not so much a style note and more of a philosophy, which in-turn influences my style because I’m always looking to invest in timeless, quality pieces.

Covid has really changed traditional ways of working - have these new ways of working changed the way you dress for work in anyway?

They definitely have. I think more and more, we are seeing a need to be more expressive with our personal style when there has been so much time between seeing people. For me, it’s made getting dressed quite fun again, which is a small thing I feel grateful for.

What’s an important consideration when adding a new piece to your wardrobe?

It goes back to wearability for me. At the end of the day, if something is made well and feels like it can withstand the trend cycle, I am likely to purchase it...There is no rulebook on what makes something timeless when everyone feels good in different pieces.



How does working in the creative industry inspire the way you dress for work?

Not really to be honest, I think if I worked anywhere I would still dress the same day to day. My wardrobe is such an extension of my personality and brings me so much joy I’d like to think I would always want to express myself in the same way wherever I am.​

How has the new way of working influenced your style?

It definitely did initially, I found myself moping around the house not really caring, until I said to myself you have to take the time to get dressed each day and invest in yourself. Getting dressed each day makes me feel like the best version of myself. It results in me feeling more confident and improves my overall mindset. It may seem like a little thing, putting on a tailored pant instead of a sweat pant but clothes have such a transformative effect on your overall mental wellbeing.

What’s important to you when adding a new piece to your wardrobe?

I always look for something I can wear on multiple occasions over time. Since becoming a mum I am looking for items that are classic, well made and comfortable – items that I will wear in years to come and work back with my existing wardrobe.



How does working in the creative industry inspire the way you dress for work? 

I dress to my mood. It's very intuitive. I need my clothes to reflect how I feel each day, but also to stand up to the wide variation of my days, from the office, to factory and site visits. Kind of like a dressed-up utilitarianism. 

What does your personal style say about you? 

I love the fantasy of clothes, but don't like to overdo it. You'll almost never catch me without a sensible flat shoe, for instance. I think this speaks to the romance of a creative imagination paired with the practicality that comes of being a Virgo. 

What’s important to you when adding a new piece to your wardrobe? 

The instant attraction - I have to have that gut reaction first and foremost. How and where it might fit into my wardrobe, what I'll wear with it, that all comes second. If you love a piece, for itself and not for a fashion fad, you'll wear and treasure it for a long time to come.