The SABA-ISTS: Introducing Luke McLeod, Founder of The Soul Society

Saturday 8th December, 2018

Passionate about wellness and mindful practices, Luke McLeod is as humble and down-to-earth as they come. His work – grounded by the belief that every one of us has a purpose – aims to inspire and help individuals make healthier decisions in their daily lives. Proof that a little positivity and self-care go nothing short of miles, we introduce our SABA-IST of the moment and founder of The Soul Society, Luke McLeod.

What does a typical morning in Manly look like for you?

I generally wake up around 6:30 and go for a walk down the beach where I'll meditate/read or write for about 20-30min. Then, I'll grab a coffee and bite at my local café, and catch up on some work.

How would you describe your style and how does it complement your lifestyle?

I would say my style is quite relaxed and minimal. Simple yet comfortable cuts and colours – which I think reflects my personality well. I'll occasionally 'jazz' it up now and then, but I think I'm mostly known for my laid-back vibe.

Now, tell us a little about the idea behind The Soul Society.

The Soul Society originally started out as a blog where I mostly interviewed entrepreneurs who were starting social enterprises (businesses that were established as a vehicle to solve a societal problem). Since then, it has evolved into a community/brand that helps businesses and individuals live a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Have you always had a passion for corporate wellness and change management – what led you to this path?

I think it's more the case that I've always had an ability to bring calmness into situations that are stressful or overwhelming; whether it’s a company going through a period of high-volume change or an individual struggling to deal with a particular situation in their life.

What would you say is the overall philosophy of your brand?

That balance should be the objective, not perfection. People/companies want to get to this 'utopian' place where nothing goes wrong. There's always going to be problems no matter how good your business is or how much work you put into yourself. If I can help others begin to understand this, then The Soul Society is fulfilling its purpose.

How have self-wellness practices impacted your life?

There's too many to list, so I'll roll them all up into this: It has just made me a happier and more content man who's excited about life and helping others achieve the same.

In what environment do you feel most at ease?

Definitely, when I'm immersed in nature. Whether that's out in the ocean surfing or camping somewhere. There's such a power to nature and the more time we spend in it, the more it will put us at ease.

How do you define happiness?

Happiness is contentment. As soon as you’re not content, you're not happy. Knowing that you already have everything you need is the greatest sense of joy.

Any advice to impart or wellness tips for the season?

Spend more time in nature, practise gratitude, remove negative people from around you and give meditation a go.