An exclusive event hosted by Christelle Scifo, French Australian creative director and founder of Fleurette. Using flowers as her creative medium, we invited guests to a floral arrangement workshop and showcased our new spring styles.

Coming into spring, where do you find inspiration from?

Nature is always such a driving force in my practice as are the changing of the seasons.

What are you looking forward to the most about spring?

The spring flowers and their fragrance, the lightness and energy the warmer days bring and an opportunity to get dressed up again in new season looks.

With flowers as one of your main creative mediums, what is one floral tip when arranging flowers?

My personal style and work is loose, wild and free and takes cues from nature, first inspired by the gardens of Paris. My preference when arranging flowers is groupings of the one type in a beautiful vessel or loosely picked wildflowers arranged with space allowing their natural movement to take the lead, for example tulips that follow the light, placed in a vessel that encourages their stem and shape - as if growing in nature.

Do you have any tips for keeping your flowers last longer?

Change water regularly, every 1-2 days and cut the stems each time on an acute angle to refresh. Also ensure no leaves are present under the water line so not to contaminate the life source.

What are your favourite pieces from SABA’s new collection?

I love all the denim and shirting, the oversized blazers and vegan leather pants, the beautiful Sophie Micro Pleat Top and Liberty print pieces.

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