APG & Co source raw materials from all around the world. We partner with premium mills and manufactures whose values align with our own. Each material is carefully selected based on high standards of quality, longevity and wearability. We are continually improving our material bases and are working to further develop the traceability and sustainability aspect of each of our raw materials across all products.







Portugal & Austria

Renowned for delivering materials of the highest standards, we work with some of the very best Portuguese mills. They provide the premium fibres that craft our high-quality investment pieces and men’s shirting.


Unique fabrications enriched by a 200+ year history. We are proud of our partnerships with key tailoring and tweed manufacturers in Italy. The mills we work with produce one-of-a-kind fabrics. Driven by innovation and a forward-thinking mentality, they adhere to the expectations of the present.


Turkey is notorious for producing luxurious fabrications that lend themselves beautifully to suiting and sophisticated tailoring. We source bespoke, easy-care synthetics, as well as innovative textured fabrics and unique jacquards. Additionally, we liaise with some of the best Turkish suppliers to source beautiful denim cottons. They place a predominance on responsible and sustainable cloths, and always ensure fabrics meet the highest standards.


Our clothing is designed to cater to the demands of modern life, therefore, we seek out fabrications that are easy to care for and can be worn with ease. For this we look to Japan, the world leader in textile technology and specialists in high-end synthetics – premium fabrics that have the beautiful hand-feel and drape of silk, but the durability and easy care of acetates. Adhering to the Japanese Inspection Standard recognised by the Japanese government and the Japanese Textile Foundation, the advanced machinery and rigorous quality standards further cements the expertise and innovation synonymous with Japan’s mills.


Working with one of the top womenswear tailoring manufacturers in Europe, here, we produce key summer and transeasonal suiting. Offering superior fabrications with a creative and unique handwriting, this mill is a perfect SABA partner.


In an effort to source more sustainable fabrics, we have partnered with several Spanish companies. With state of the art facilities and sustainability at the forefront of manufacturing, these Spanish mills directly align with our brand’s social and environmental values.