SABASounds is a collaborative space where we partner with musicians, artists, creative minds to curate an exclusive playlist to carry you into the weekend and beyond. ​
For autumn, we’ve teamed up with electronic dance trio, Crooked Colours, to bring you their favourite music for every kind of occasion. Since making their debut in 2013, the Australian ensemble has risen to stardom and recently released a new single: ‘No Sleep’. ​

In a few words, what does it mean to be this season's SABASounds artist?​

Stoked & humbled. We're all big fans of the brand and we appreciate it when fashion brands make a conscious effort to collaborate with musicians.

We can’t wait to share your SABASounds playlist. What inspired your choices?​

This playlist is an eclectic grouping of songs. Mostly tracks that we like mixed in with some more niche collaborations and remixes of our own music. COVID closed borders but in some ways it opened up a lot of creative opportunities online with artists all around the world effectively grounded. It also allowed us to loosen our creative output a little, opening up opportunities to release music with artists like Slenderbodies & Hayden James​.

Where do you seek inspiration when writing new music?​​

A lot of inspiration comes from previous experiences, whether that's from influences growing up, being on the road in foreign countries or as simple as seeing what new ideas connect with audiences for the first time. We also think about the show we want to be producing for our next cycle, future wishes and trying to work towards that.​​

Where will you be listening to your SABASounds playlist?​

We'll be giving this playlist a red hot crack between stops on our upcoming For The Love Festival Tour around Australia. Keep an eye on it as we might mix it up and take it on a tropical detour during our upcoming tour of Mexico where we're performing on the beach at Pal Norte Festival.​

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