Introducing the Derby Day Edit with Holly Titheridge and Shaun Lyle co-founders of fashion blog Base Colour

Saturday 20th October, 2018

The creative duo specialise in fashion, lifestyle photography, creative direction and styling. We caught up with Base Colour to get their take on all things spring racing and the trends you need to know, as well as their ultimate guide to Derby Day dressing.

Q. What do you enjoy most about Derby Day?

Shaun and I are huge fans of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, so with Derby Day being the first day to kick things off, we love the atmosphere it provides! We also have a soft spot for a great black and white look, so with Derby Day being traditionally black and white attire, it’s a day not to be missed on our calendar.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your routine when getting prepped for big events like spring racing.

I would love to say that I plan my look well ahead of time, but sadly no – I’m a sucker for last minute outfit planning! In saying that, I do always select my look first before jumping into selecting a fascinator or accessories. I just find it easier to swap and change shoes, bags and headpieces than to re-plan a whole new look.

Q. The Derby Day dress code is synonymous with monochrome. What are your tips for elevating a simple black and white look?

Great question! It’s funny you should mention this, as I believe I try to attempt this on the daily since I usually opt for black and white or neutral looks. My tip: It’s all in the accessories! I am a huge fan of gold jewellery, which I believe adds a touch of luxe to any outfit. Statement earrings are my weakness, so I’ve definitely invested in a few (well, really quite a lot more than a few) good pairs of earrings. I can say the same about shoes and handbags. It is all about enhancing a look with statement accessories!

Q. When it comes to race day style, how do you go about selecting the perfect look?

I try not to overthink things! If I put an outfit on and instantly feel comfortable and truly myself in the look, I know that it is the one for me! I also judge a look based off instantly having ideas on how I could pair my accessories with it. If you’re stressing out about not knowing how to style your look with shoes, bags and headpieces, then I suggest you keep hunting.

Q. What racewear trends are you loving this season?

I wouldn’t say it is a trend, but I’m a sucker when it comes to suiting. I definitely think you will see a lot of tailoring – whether it be in suit form, or possibly in tailored blazer-type dresses. I also feel that co-ord dressing will be a huge trend this season. Who doesn’t love a look that you can wear again and again by swapping and changing your top/bottom options.

Q. What are your top three styling tips for men this racing season?

Tip 1: It’s all about the fit. Make sure your suit fits well. The current trends are slightly shorter pants to show off your socks.

Tip 2: Go for a suit, shirt and tie combo that you wouldn’t see in the office. Think bold checks, lighter tones and wider lapels.

Tip 3: A great pair of shoes will be sure to make your look a winner! My favourites are the double monk strap shoes. I think we will also see a lot of loafers this season.

Q. Do you and Holly tend to coordinate your looks when attending events together?

No, we don’t surprisingly! Coming into spring we have been wearing a lot of neutral colours, which always seem to mix well no matter what style of clothing you wear. We have very similar taste and style, so we tend to complement each other without really trying – which is lucky!

Q. What do you look for when selecting occasionwear?

The small details count with occasionwear. As most men will be wearing suits, I tend to look for something not too loud but with great details like wider peak lapels and pick stitching..