Amy Finlayson: Artist

Amy wears SABA Winter 2016



I am honoured to be a part of this campaign! This really signifies the fusion of so many years of modelling with my new creative career as an artist. I love that Saba is embracing this county's young creatives-hopefully this will inspire others to follow their passions.

Amy talks about what she thinks about SABA


SABA Styled

For over 50 years SABA has been dressing creative and urban individuals in the city with a penchant for a sharp, minimalist aesthetic. The natural environment of Sydney and Perth, Amy describes her style as minimal, simple and casual - effortless coastal chic. She opts for an interesting silhouette through classic pieces that stand the test of time. Discover her SABA selects.









Amy at work

International model turned mixed media photographer, Amy Finlayson creates a unique aesthetic; a form of self-expression that pushes the boundaries of contemporary art most unconventionally. She cites the combination of materials with the classic and progressive, the shape and silhouette, the colour and texture.


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What does the SABA Winter_16 campaign mean to you?

I am honoured to be a part of this campaign! This really signifies the fusion of so many years of modelling with my new creative career as an artist. I love that Saba is embracing this country's young creatives - hopefully this will inspire others to follow their passions. 

How did you incorporate your look into SABA style?

I loved being able to incorporate my style into this campaign. The pieces are so easy to mix up and the silhouettes emulate the classic nature of my dressing.

Describe your own style in 3 words.

Classic. Creative. Quirky

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing or accessory?

14kt gold and rose gold bracelets from my mother. They were a birthday present for my 22nd birthday and I hardly ever take them off - one constant in my ever-changing life.

What inspires your individual style?

The base of my dressing is simple and practical as comfort is a big factor in my daily life. I do however like to stand out and add a creative touch whether this be through an interesting silhouette or accessory. 

Who is your style inspiration?

No one in particular- I find a lot of inspiration though various street style imagery and social media and work from there.

What was your favourite era in fashion?

90s for sure! With the 70s in a close second. I feel that the 90s had such a strong vibe behind it that came through in people’s attitudes and the way they dressed and carried themselves. This is the same with the 70s, but the cuts were much more flattering. 

What about this city inspires your sense of style?

It has been said time and time again, but the laid back life style really influences how people dress here. Minimal, simple and casual. Effortless coastal chic. 

What do you think is unique to Sydney in terms of style?

We have such a unique combination of city, harbour and coastline which makes for casual and practical dressing, with a unique twist of sport-luxe and summer styles. 

Do you think you can tell anything about a person based on their style?

Definitely. Dressing can be an outward reflection of an internal disposition- well that's how I like to think of it anyway...!

What does your style say about you?

I wear many hats, so it really depends on the day and the job. Art show? Sophistication and balanced creativity. Painting day? Comfort and efficiency. Gallery day? Class and Style. Modelling? Classic with a twist. 

What do you think others take away from your style?

Hopefully a fresh take on classic forms.

How does your work influence your style or vice versa?

I like to keep it quite classic when I dress- there is so much happening visually when I am researching shows and painting, I try and keep the palette simple, in order to put more emphasis on the works.

What do you like about living in your city?

You can be a million different people in Sydney. Bikini, light shirt and slides one day, tailored suiting and a heel the next. It really depends on what you want to get up to in this beautiful urban playground. It truly is a beautiful city that has so much to offer- visually it's stunning and it really is a great place to grow up. 

Is your style static or do you mix it up?

I definitely mix it up. Comfort is number one, but if I am feeling it I will push the boundaries a bit depending on what's going on in my head.

Your style advice?

Don't dress for anyone else.

What is your favourite city?

A close tie between Sydney and New York.