James Domeyko: Musician

James wears SABA Winter 2016



I love the simple and classic looks. It indicates a resonance and those resonances are little signs I look for and the adventure I got to go on with this collaboration was delightful.

James talks about what she thinks about SABA


SABA Styled

For over 50 years SABA has been dressing creative and urban individuals in the city with a penchant for a sharp, minimalist aesthetic. Performer James Domeyko is influenced by a blend of film imagery, minimalism and nature, and cites minimalism for its understatement allowing for something else to come through.








James at work

A unique performer and composer, Domeyko’s theatrical compositions go back and forth between minimalism and maximalism to create a surreal, dreamlike style. Composer and musician having recently released his debut solo EP, entitled Orfeo, he creates soundtracks, session work and live performances, working across many instruments including Piano, Vocals, Guitar Synthesiser, Alto Saxophone & Violin.




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What is your name and where are you from?

My name is James Domeyko. I am of the Sun.

Please tell us about yourself?

I’m a performer. On and off stage, with or without an audience. I burst into a character or three, share a poem and dance in public. I call it “Playing Malarkey”.   

What do you do for work?

The arts. Performing, written and recorded.  Music is my most consuming curiosity and I also work with film and poetry. I enjoy the adventures that the artist life takes me on, and the people it brings into my circle.

What do you think of SABA and what does it mean to you where we incorporate your look into SABA style?

I love the simple and classic looks. It indicates a resonance and those resonances are little signs I look for and the adventure I got to go on with this collaboration was delightful.

Describe your own style:

Playful, Mythic, Chiaroscuro.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing?       

My favourite clothing items are my black boots, my winter coat and my black concho belt. The first time I wore these boots I danced at my mother’s wedding to a tango I had written as a surprise for the occasion; what an origin.

My winter coat is a floor length dark blue cashmere coat that was a gift from my dear friend Mikey. We were sitting down, listening to some music and he came out with this coat and said “try this on”. I tried it on and he shook his head, smiled and said: “That belongs to you my friend”.

My concho is a beautiful belt from South America and the adorning pieces on the belt are magical; it has power.

What inspires you in your style and individual look?

Style wise, its’ dreams, dance and malarkey. Dance is about movement, interplay and it gets you in flow. My individual look is some blend of film imagery, minimalism and nature. Imagery in film is very powerful because the composition and characterisation is so deliberate. The clothing communicates aspects of the character before they say anything.

Minimalism works for me because the understatement allows for something else to come through.

Who’s your style inspiration?

Marlon Brando, David Bowie, Buster Keaton

What was your favourite era in fashion and why?

I don’t consciously think about it but I seem to emulate a lot of classic 50s looks

Do you think you can tell anything about a person based on their style?

Absolutely. But style is a bigger concept than what you wear, style is an approach to life and you need extended time with people to bear witness to that aspect of a person.

Clothing makes me feel certain ways. When I’m in my essence I take great care of my personal appearance. Sometimes you feel like dressing up when you’re brimming with energy and other times you dress with more subtlety when you’re feeling introspective.

What are you trying to say with your style?

With belief, power and time you can do great things.

What do you think others take away from your style?

I hope that, if they don’t already, they inhabit their essence in response to my being in my own; then act accordingly.

How does your work influence your style or vice versa?

Each medium presents its own challenge toward completion. Working across different mediums enriches your approach which in the bigger picture empowers your style.

What do you like about living in your city?

I’m surrounded by delicious people who love, challenge and inspire me in the most perfect ways.

Is your style static or do you mix it up?

Mix it up with moods.

Can you offer your style advice in 5 words or less?

Contrast, baby.