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We sat down with Head of Accessories designer Lucie Trinco to chat about SABA’s new Desk to Dinner shoe collection. Designed specifically for the woman who requires comfort and class from her footwear selection, from her office desk to her after-hours plans.

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"We wanted to create a collection of heels that were work appropriate, comfortable but sexy enough to take you out to dinner"


Q: When starting a new collection, where do you derive your inspiration?

We look to what’s happening overseas, on the catwalks and on the streets. We then work closely with the women’s and men’s design team to make sure that we are designing pieces to bring their complete vision to life. Bringing the complete collection to store is a collaboration with the whole design team.

Q: What inspired the Desk to Dinner concept?

High heel shoes in the market at the moment are just so high, with heel heights at 10cms or higher. The reality for most of us is these heels can only be worn for special occasions or for evening only. We wanted to create a collection of heels that were work appropriate, comfortable but sexy enough to take you out to dinner that evening without having to change your shoes.

Q: What makes the perfect desk-to-dinner shoe?

A high heel that is not too high and internal padding to make them comfortable. Not only should it take you from desk to dinner it should also take you out dancing!

Q: Which is your favourite piece in the new accessories collection?

I am in love with the Tyra Heel in Fawn. Takes you from day to night with ease and goes with everything.

Q: What is the must have shoe of the moment?

There are a few that I have on rotation. Clean white leather trainers, strappy midi heels and Block high heels with huarache cage style uppers are must haves

Q: Where do you see Accessories trends going in 2017?

Saddle style bags and mini bags are the hottest bag shapes and they are just getting stronger.

Q: How would you describe your style?

I am a bit of a fashion chameleon depending on what day it is and what I am doing. I love to mix high end fashion and low cost high street and truly believe that a good pair of shoes can make an outfit.

Q: What shoes are you wearing with your outfit right now and why?

Today I am wearing trainers with a dress.  I love the mix of feminine to masculine and trainers are a practical solution for running around setting up designs and are much more forgiving than your everyday heels / on our polished concrete floors.

Q: What excites you about accessories?

Accessories are the sparkle to any outfit. Like a pop of bright lipstick, accessories have the ability to completely change an outfit by the choice of shoe, the jewellery you add or the bag you carry.

Q: What are your top tips for purchasing shoes that we will wear again and again?

Look for good quality leather. Find a style that fits your foot well and feels balanced when you are wearing. I recommend storing your shoes out of the sunlight or in their shoes boxes to keep them looking their best.

Q: What's your personal motto?

Life is short. Wear the lipstick.

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austin gingham shirt


Harry multi dot tie


Ashton pocket square